Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The 1.21 Challenge!

By Alexandra White

We have more children then anticipated doing the 1.21 challenge with the youngest being only 5 years old - I've been told they have been primed and willing to participate in our challenge. However I
am sure there will come a time during the 5 days that we will have some unhappy children.

For many of us parents depriving our children of any food whims or wants goes against our grain. As parents we want and like to see our kids eating well and healthily - we are satisfied when they
return an empty plate. Never is the fruit bowl empty and we would never say no to a request for an extra apple or banana!

But what if your child was always hungry - what if all you could offer your growing child was rice, cheap carbohydrates and processed food?

Whilst doing research for this challenge my friends and I have concluded that healthy fresh food costs money and needs time to prepare - commodities that are not available when living on the
bread line. (Bread line means you're poor, your income is so low you barely have enough money to buy basic food) AMAZINGLY enough this applies to over half the worlds population.

The reason my friends and I have only just made this conclusion is because we have never had to worry about the price of food - we just pick a recipe and buy what we want - our children have never
gone with out and although no-one likes to waste food we're not worried about not having enough for tomorrow.

But next week we are eating on the poverty line AND we haven't stopped thinking
about how we're going to manage and feed our kids for 5 days - imagine having this daily burden - How do these people cope.
This challenge is indeed thought provoking!
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