Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Menu Ideas for the 1.21 Challenge

By Alexandra White

Preparing some menu ideas for this weeks challenge is proving to be challenging indeed!  I'm a food lover and have been know to travel around seeking food and wine, and attending cooking classes. I try to grow my own vegetables, I endorse local fresh food, predominantly organic. I  love red wine and am a coffee snob!

This Challenge will indeed be a challenge on a budget of 1.12 euros per day - definitely no organic products or wine on this budget.  But only 5 days and for a good cause.

My plan is to buy all my items for the week leaving a couple of Euros for emergency.  I can't imagine having to do this everyday - worrying about every cent and how to feed my growing family. We are so very lucky.

Some menu ideas:

*Boiled eggs and toast
*Baked Beans on toast
*Oats with water/Milk depending on the budget
*Black tea or Black coffee
*Lemon water

Boiled egg sandwiches 
2 x Pastizzi
Maltese Hobz biz-zejt
Boiled rice with lemon+pepper

Pasta with tomato sauce
Pesto pasta
Rice and lentils
Lentil soup with maltese bread
Jacket potatoes and baked beans.
Snails with Bread
Steamed fish with veg ( frozen fish and veg will be used as cheaper)
Roasted chicken drumsticks with tomatoes - Veg or boiled rice. (Frozen chicken) 

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