Monday, 12 May 2014

First day is done!

By Steve Hili

Day 1 of the challenge is drawing to a close.
And I am starving. And in a bit of a bad mood. (I get like that when I am hungry).
We bought everything on Saturday and actually came in 3c under budget which was quite incredible.  And after a hearty meal last night, it was time to jump right in.
Food today was oats for brekkie, and an egg sandwich for lunch.  We had pasta with a very weak tomato sauce for dinner. We bought a big packet of pasta so we should get another dinner out of it. And possibly something to bulk up the lunches.
And we managed to fit in a small packet of raisins to our budget so we are adding a couple to everything!
The worse part of the day was the tap water for me. Urgh. And finishing dinner and still being hungry.
Also having to work everything out. I have learnt of people who live like this (even here in Malta) everyday. Figuring it all out must be exhausting.
I think today was the worst day. First days always are right? Also for some reason I was so excited about the challenge I hardly slept last night.
Tuesday will be...interesting. I am performing in the evening (a stand -up gig) and I am usually quite  high energy but this evening I feel like I can hardly move!

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  1. Congratulations to Steve and his team for simulating the very noble idea of the 'Live Below the Line' Challenge.

    Since the movement began in 2010, over 25,000 people have taken the challenge, raising over $9 million for the world's leading anti-poverty organisations.

    I have just finished this year’s ‘Live Below the Line’ UK Challenge, myself! It was officially held between the 28th of April and the 2nd of May 2014. In my case, I was trying to raise awareness and funds for the UN sponsored 'Global Poverty Project'.
    Thanks to my very supportive friends and their acquaintances, I almost managed to raise my set target of £1000.

    I have an offer for Steve and all of you out there!

    I would be very honoured if we can all organise ourselves as a ‘Maltese’ Team, for next year’s 'Live Below the Line' UK Challenge. If you are interested, please follow my blog at: and contact me on my facebook page:

    Thanks and Good Luck!

    Ivan Cauchi