Wednesday, 14 May 2014

More recipe ideas ...

By Alexandra White

I was looking for cheap and nutritious recipes and thought I'd ask the experts. I wrote to Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project and here is the reply. The websites offer some great recipe ideas!

Hi Alexandra,

Thanks so much for your email and for getting in touch-it's really interesting to hear about the 1.12 challenge-what an inspirational idea!

Well as a first point of call why not take a look at our Ministry of Food recipes-many of these were created with low budgets in mind.

Furthermore, do take a look at the recipes on Jamie's Home Cooking Skills as again these are very simple and cost effective. 

And lastly take a look at the resources on the Food For Life Partnership website-again many of the recipes are super simple yet fun to make! 
We do wish you the best of luck with the challenge and hope that you keep us posted on your progress!
Jamie's Kitchen Garden Project Team x

Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project
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