Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Home stretch ....

By Kathryn Baldacchino

So here we are with only two days left of the 121 Challenge. I have to admit that I underestimated how difficult it would be.

I think I'm missing my cup of coffees through the day the most, as I'm feeling utterly lethargic. The water has been a real struggle, and so has the volume of food. I would say I'm an average to big eater on a normal day, therefore having smaller portion sizes of food that isn't that nutritionally packed with goodness has been a struggle and I'm physically feeling run down because of it.

Yesterday's rice wasn't so bad, the evaporated milk made it palatable, but I'm not looking forward to finishing off the pasta we made the other night as that was not very nice.

Sarcastic grin at pasta with thin red sauce
I'm really really pleased to see the donations coming in - we've exceeded €2300.00 this morning, and we've also been given a few hundred in cash which is not on the website. Things are looking really good and at this rate there is a good chance we will manage to support the medical center for a whole year.

I'm also really appreciating the support we're receiving from many quarters, and from people we've never met before. People's generosity astounds me, especially considering that this fundraiser is for a Cambodian NGO most people had never heard of, and to support people that most people will never meet. Of course I am also aware of the hardship and poverty that exist near us all every day in Malta, and I hope that some of the generosity will also extend to them. I have always supported YMCA whenever I
can and encourage others to do the same. We're not supporting an NGO in Cambodia to the exclusion of being aware of poverty issues in Malta. I hope that by raising awareness of poverty in general we are also highlighting the situation in Malta. 

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